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reviews CTX PR960F Review
   Now to setup the monitor, the first step is plug it in as you can see in the below picture the PR960F privides BNC connectors as well as a non captive DB15 lead (included). BNC connectors are becoming pretty standard becuse of the increase in image quality due to signal separation.
   You will notice there are also one USB input which you just connect to your PC to allow you to control the monitor from your computer with the mouse, along side are two of the four USB ports on the monitor, the other two are located on the right hand side.

The PR960F's connectors

The next step is to install the correct driver, colour profile and the USB control software, the installation went smoothly and the CD even came with the most recent update of the monitor control software. Now to configure the monitor so the picture is as perfect as we can get it, the monitor is its default state basically needed a lot of tweaking as there was a distinct red tinge to the left half of the screen. One of my favourite features of this monitor is the ability to adjust the settings with the mouse rather than having to navigate the on screen display, although it must be said that the software did not provide as much functionality as the buttons on the monitor. To solve the colour problems we had resort to using the OSD menu system, which is a lot easier to navigate than a lot of other monitors.

controls on screen display

Below you can see the USB monitor control software, which provides most of the OSD controls features.
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Position
  • Size
  • Colour temperature - A way of describing the colour of a radiating source in terms of the temperature (in degrees Kelvin) of a black body radiating with the same dominant frequency as the source.
  • Distortion
  • Pincushion
  • Pincushion Balance
  • Trapezoidal
  • Parallelogram
  • Tilt
  • Convergence - Beam misalignment causing one or more of the three beams passing through the wrong aperture in the aperture grille and striking a phosphor dot in the wrong triad.
  • Moiré - A fringe pattern arising from the interference between two superimposed line patterns.
  • Degaussing - The procedure of demagnetizing the shadow mask/apeture grille and associated metal parts of a picture tube at switch-on to minimize picture distortion.
  • Purity - The degree to which a picture tube maintains uniform colour representation over the entire area of its screen. Tube manufacturing spread may mean that the three beams from the electron gun that excite the red (R), green (G), and Blue (B) screen phosphors do not always maintain the same relationship with each other over the entire scan. In certain areas, therefore , one or more colours may not be fully represented , resulting in a noticeable hue variation in those areas.
The ability to set backgrounds which are designed to highlight certain effects, make the monitor much easier to configure. Purity controls and the current input type are the only setting which cannot be controlled from the operating system.
USB monitor control software

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