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reviews CTX PR960F Review
   Now it's time for the technical stuff! As you can see the specifications speak for themselves, being capable of high refresh rates and resolutions makes the monitor suitable for home and business use. As you can see the major thing that makes this monitor stand out from the rest of the competition is its Sony FD Trinitron tube, without the expense of buying a Sony branded monitor. When first released the high end professional series stood apart because of the inclusion of a 4 way USB hub in the base, a feature which many manufacturers have since included in their new models.


  • 19" FD Trinitron® CRT (18" diagonal Viewable Image Size)
  • 0.24mm Pitch Aperture Grille (Center)
  • ARAG® Screen Treatment
  • USB Hub

Frequency Range

Horizontal: 30-110kHz

Vertical: 50-160Hz


Screen Resolutions

1800 x 1440 @ 72Hz

1600 x 1200 @ 87Hz

1280 x 1024 @ 102Hz

1024 x 768 @ 136Hz

800 x 600 @ 160Hz

Video Input

Bandwidth: 232MHz


Input Signal

Video: RGB analog (0.7V p-p, 75 ohms)

Sync: Separate TTL H/V +/-, Composite, Sync-on-green


Input Connector

15-pin mini D-sub (Detachable cable)

BNC Connector



IBM® PC and PC compatibles

Mac® (up to 1152 x 864)


Power Requirement

100-120/220-240V AC (auto switch), 50/60Hz


Power Consumption

Operation Mode: 125W (maximum)

User Controls

Front Panel Controls:

Power On/Off, Key1, Key2, Up, Down

On-Screen Menu Controls:

Brightness/Contrast, H/V Position, H/V Size, Rotation,

Pin-Balance, Side-Pin, Trapezoid, Parallelogram,

Moire canellation, Reset, Multi-language, Degauss, Status,

Convergence, Recall, BNC/D-sub Select, Self-diagnosis

Color Adjustment (3 setting modes, 1 user mode)

Input Freq. Display, Fre. Out of Range Alarm


Regulation Compliant

Safety: UL, CE, cUL, Nemko, FCC-B, CB, BCIQ, TCO'99


Ergonomics: ISO9241-3 & ISO9241-8

Plug & Play: DDC-1, DDC-2B


Power Management

Energy Star®, VESA® DPMSTM, TCO'99


Operating Condition

Temperature: 32° F to 104° F (0° to 40° C)

Humidity: 20%-80% (non-condensing)


Dimensions (W x H x D)


24.3" x 22.2" x 20.3"


18.1" x 18.5" x 19.1"



Gross: 61.7 lbs

Net: 57.2 lbs



Three year limited warranty on parts, labour and CRT

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