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reviews CTX PR960F Review
   I have been using a 17Ē Viewsonic monitor for a while and I decided it was time to treat myself to a new monitor, so I ordered myself a CTX PR960F which is part of CTXís professional series of monitors. This monitor has been about for a while and for most of that time it has generated a very good reputation, I am going to see if that is justified.

First impressions
Well the first thing I noticed about it was just how heavy it is, CTX quote itís weight as being 26kg which is a lot however Amtrak reckon 32kg and I really donít think that the box weighs 6kg! Thatís a minor point, now to get it out of its box and set it up.

CTX PR960F setup

So far so good, I am impressed so let's have a look at what this monitor is capable of.

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