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1 - disassembly
2 - soldering
tweaks floppy drive blue LED mod
Thatís the drive apart now to change the LED which is really quite easy. All you have to do is place the soldering iron on the solder where it holds the legs to the board wait a second or so for the solder to melt and pull the old LED away.

The original green LED that is going to be removed.

Now for the trickiest bit of the mod, working out which way round to put the LED in! If you don't have a multimeter the long leg on the LED is the positive one, which is really helpful I hear you say if the circuit board is unmarked like mine was. If you look carefully at the LED you will see a flat part of the LED this denotes the negative terminal, then make sure you checked which way around your original LED was before you removed it and line your new LED the same way round.

The contact patches where the old LED was removed. The replacement Blue LED
Here you can see where I have desoldered the LED and on the right you can see the new LED with it legs bent to match the shape of the old one so it will fit in when we put it back together, mine was mounted to the surface of the board, hence the shape of the legs, different manufacturers mount them in different ways so just bend it so it will fit. Now just solder the new LED in, simple, snip of the excess from the legs and thatís it. All you have to do is reverse the disassembly process and you should end up with a perfectly functioning drive that looks a bit different.

The finished article in situe.

Here it is in all its glory, a very simple cheap and quick mod to make your machine stand out. Related Links

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