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1 - disassembly
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tweaks floppy drive blue LED mod
This mod has been done by lots of people before, so what better than the classic blue LED floppy drive mod as the first article in the modding section.

Before we get started I must direct your attention to our disclaimer and point out that opening your floppy drive will almost certainly void its warranty and if that didn't resoldering some of it components definitely will. There is not that much that can go wrong with this mod but accepts no responsibility for any damage caused whilst carrying out this mod.

Thatís that out of the way, now to get on with the modding. The aim of the mod it to revamp a tired looking floppy drive by replacing the boring green LED with a nice high brightness blue one.


  • Fine screwdrivers (philips and flat head)
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Side cutters
Components That was nice and simple, not many tools required and the entire mod should only take about 15mins at most. The next step is to find an unsuspecting victim. I have chosen this Mitsumi drive that has been in my machine for the past couple of years, this was only £5 from a fair so if I go wrong all is not lost.

The Mitsumi floppy drive before the mod.

Now we have the drive we have to open it up, the first step with most drives is to depress the tabs that hold the front bezel on and it should pop off and end up looking something like this.

The drive with the front panel removed.

As shown in the picture above, once the bevel is removed the LED that needs replacing is now exposed. I would not recomend trying to resolder in this state, so locate the screws that hold the bottom panel on and remove them. With a bit of sliding the drive should separate leaving you with something like this:

The bottom panel removed.

At this point depending on your drive you may be able to access the LED to desolder it but in this case the LED is directly mounted to the circuit board which the motor assembly sits on, so it has to come out as well. Again just a few more screws and it comes away quite easily.

The motor assembly removed for easy soldering.

In the photo above I have folded back the ribbon cable that connected the motor to the rest of the drive to make soldering it easily. Thatís the disassembly finished now it is time to put the new LED in.

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