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   Now that we are back in windows the first thing to do is to copy the file bootsect.lnx of the floppy and onto C:\(or wherever your bootloader lives). Once you have copied the file you then need to edit your boot.ini file. If you can't see boot.ini on C:\ it may be beacuse you have set windows to hide system files, to make it appear do the following
  • Windows NT: - Click on View->Folder Options and tick the checkbox that says Show All Files
  • Windows 2000/XP: - Click on Tools->Folder Options->View click the radio button that says Show hidden files and folders and untick the Hide protected operating system files(recommended) checkbox
Windows 2000/XP Folder View options

   Now open boot.ini in notepad, on the last line add C:\bootsect.lnx="Linux", save the file. The next time you reboot you should see an option for Linux on your bootloader, if you select this you will boot into linux.

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