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linux connection sharing with smoothwall
   Now you have SmmoothWall Installed, the next thing is to setup the Dialup connection, in order to do this you need to use SMoothWalls web interface. Once the SmoothWall machine is connected to your network, go to another machine)any that has a web browser will do), and go to the following web address, the SmoothWall Main page should then load.
SmoothWall Web Interface Main Page

   Click on the Dialup link, SmoothWall will then prompt you for the admin password you entered in the setup.
SmoothWall Web Interface Login

   On the Dialup Screen you will need to enter the setup details for your ISP, and your modem, with most modems the only configuration you need to do is to set the modem Port, for most external modems it will be either COM1 or COM2. Once you have setup your connection save the details and go back to the main page by clicking on Home. You can then control your connection by clicking on the Connect, and Disconnect buttons.
Connection Control Buttons

   Other things you may want to change in the web interface are whether the proxy server and intrusin detction services are enabled. To the proxy server click on the Services button, this will already be on the proxy server tab, to enable the proxy click the Enabled checkbox, you may also want to check the Transparent checkbox, as this will mean that all web traffic will use the proxy regardless of whether the clients are setup to use it. You can enable the intrusion detection system by clicking on the IDS button, and clicking the Snort checkbox.    The final task to setup SmoothWall, is to configure the client computers, the simplest way to do this is to set the machines up to obtain an IP address automatically, as this will set them up properly, if you want to set them up manually, here are the settings.
  • IP Address: Anything in the range to
  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Default Gateway:
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